Innovation that Delights & Delivers

family-table-potatoes-webNew products that deliver convenience, variety, and flavor

Consumers tell us they are in a "potato rut" and would serve potatoes more often if they knew different ways to prepare them. They also want to get dinner on the table in 30 minutes or less, and aren't sure how potatoes can fit into that routine. By re-imagining and re-inventing how potatoes are perceived, prepared, and served we can keep potatoes on the minds, shopping lists, and tables of consumers more often.

convience lockup steamablesOur new products, such as Side Delights® Steamables™, Bakeables™ and Grillables™ and Roastables™, address the need to make potatoes more convenient for today's busy consumer and have captured leading shares in their segments.


penns-own-outlinedPenn's Own® Potatoes, grown exclusively in the rich, fertile soils of the Pennsylvania valley regions, are creamy white and buttery golden potatoes with a distinctively delicious taste all their own. Because only qualified varieties grown in Pennsylvania can carry the Penn's Own brand name, you can be confident that the cooking and eating experience will be consistently delicious. Enjoy them in your favorite Pennsylvania Dutch recipes for authentic, home-grown flavor. Penn's Own is sold exclusively by Sterman Masser, Inc. and other members of Pennsylvania Co-Operative Potato Growers, Inc. and are available seasonally at grocery stores in Pennsylvania and the surrounding region.


Packaging-BPs-from-USPBOur sales, marketing and product development teams have extensive experience working with each individual customer to satisfy their end-user needs, including development of customized product specifications, packaging structures/forms, and assistance in the application of retailer Private Label or "Own Brand" design architecture in a manner consistent with category packaging best practices.


In addition, at Masser Potato Farms, we know that increased potato variety equals increased consumption, so we continuously work with agronomists and other resources to identify and bring to market proprietary seed varieties that will enhance your eating experience and help get potatoes served with (at least) one more meal per week.

New processes that create value from beginning to end

keyboard-webThe culture of innovation at Masser Potato Farms applies to process improvements, as well as new products. Our supply chain resources, including our Fresh Solutions Network partners, our own truck fleet, our direct access to rail, and our extensive experience with vendor managed inventory and on-line ordering systems allow us tremendous flexibility and creativity in working with our customers to help solve their supply chain challenges.

Category Management Expertise

strategy-image-webAs a Fresh Solutions Network Partner, Masser Potato Farms has access to the latest and most comprehensive set of resources, tools and expertise in the industry to help drive shopper satisfaction and grow category sales and profit.

We integrate retail scan data, loyalty card data, proprietary consumer research, and secondary consumer and industry resources to understand not just "what," but also "why," and perhaps most importantly, "what's next?"

We take a total category perspective and provide recommendations that encompass assortment, merchandising, pricing, promotion, packaging, and communication. We work in collaboration with you to understand your shoppers, your objectives, and your operational challenges and/or advantages. We listen. We brainstorm with you. We test and learn together.

As your potato category advisor, we work with you to move from data to insight to action to impact and help drive superior category performance.

Marketing Programs

Our job doesn't stop with just getting the product to the shelf...we help you sell it through. We work with you to bring consumers to your stores, to the produce department, and to the potato display ready to buy.

Our innovative, pre-packed promotional displays generate over 50% volume lift by stimulating trial and bringing new or lapsed users to the category. Even better, our product performance results in consumer satisfaction and creates loyal, repeat purchasers.

We help you execute retail merchandising best practices and provide point of sale materials and other tools to make it easier for your customers to shop the category.

To keep potatoes "top of mind" and "top of list" we engage shoppers before they reach the store with our brand-specific websites, Facebook pages and more. We also support your advertising and promotional vehicles by providing camera-ready artwork, ad slicks, recipes, and demos.

Working together, we'll craft customized, comprehensive marketing programs that will create awareness, stimulate trial, drive repeat, and ignite your category sales.